At Finding the Missing, our team specializes in integrating the spiritual gifts of mediumship and psychic abilities to connect with missing persons. Our goal is to use these gifts to lead us to scientific evidence and tangible proof to solve missing person cases. As Noetic Investigators, we combine mystical wisdom with traditional investigation.  We are located in Southern California, but work on cases around the world.


Amanda Lehto, Forensic Medium

Amanda was born with the gifts of mediumship and psychic abilities and worked on crafting these gifts her whole life. It wasn't until she worked on a missing child case in 2017 that she realized the full potential of her gifts. Since then, Amanda has been dedicated to finding information using her spiritual gifts that leads to scientific evidence for families with a missing loved one.

Amanda is a certified Forensic Medium under the guidance of world renowned Medium, Susan Grau. Trained in honing in on the location of missing persons through details gained directly from the missing through psychic and mediumship abilities gives insight and direction to missing person investigations.

Amanda earned her certification for Private Investigation through California State University, Fullerton, specializing in missing person cases. Taking the details from mediumship combined with scientific methods of investigation, she is able to find answers regarding the investigation.

She is a Level III Reiki practitioner, Certified Psychic and Medium through the Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center. Amanda uses her spiritual gifts to lead to evidence to bring answers and healing to those with questions about the death of their loved one. 


Sherry Fortelny, Forensic Medium

Having always been intuitive, it wasn't until 2008 when Sherry had a Near Death Experience that she began to receive specific and detailed psychic messages. She quickly realized that the messages focused on missing persons. She undertook a quest to understand, interpret and utilize the information in a meaningful and powerful way. She is a practicing Medium and understands that for these valuable messages to have a real impact, forensic investigative tools must be utilized to validate information psychically received.  

Combining intuition and practical tools allows Sherry to develop leads which otherwise may not be identified. Including intuitive skills in a traditional investigative team is invaluable. Sherry has a professional background of 30 years in the Legal Industry as a Paralegal and understands the practical process of developing an investigation to ensure not only solving a case, but leading to the successful prosecution of the perpetrator.    

She is a Level III Reiki Healer and a source of spiritual healing during the most difficult times for families and loved ones.  

She is dedicated to helping families bring home their missing loved ones.